Dott Sabino Berardino Firenze medico ecografista ecografia internistica ecocolordoppler vascolare

Sabino Berardino, MD physician in Florence

 I am a doctor, with an MD degree from the University of Naples and a graduate degree in Internal Medicine obtained at the University of Florence.
My specialization concerns non-invasive ultrasound vascular diagnosis and ultrasonography in internal medicine, for which I have attended numerous continuing education courses that combined theoretical knowledge and practical training.

I hold a SIUMB (Italian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology) national ultrasound certification.

In 2003 I earned a Master’s degree in E-medicine at the University of Florence.

I am fluent in English: if you want to make an appointment for an ultrasonography or vascular color Doppler ultrasound, please click here.

Sabino Berardino MD physician ultrasound ecography vascular color doppler Florence Tuscany
Sabino Berardino MD physician Florence

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