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Franco Pepe Sabino Berardino al Salone del Gusto 2014
Franco Pepe Sabino Berardino – Salone del Gusto 2014 Slow Food

When I moved to Florence (Tuscany) for my post-graduate studies in Internal Medicine, I was already a Slow Food member (which at the time was still known as arcigola!). I immediately became involved with the Florentine chapter, which at the time was directed by Leonardo Romanelli.  I have been among the authors of the guide on Italian ‘Osterie’ (typical local restaurants) published by Slow Food; over the years, I have played a role in the organization of several wine and food events held by the Florence Slow Food chapter, a list of which can be found on my website.

slow food Firenze Florence
slow food Firenze Florence – archive

At present I’m a contributor for a gastronomic guide on Florentine restaurants– “I cento di Firenze”, EDT (Lonely Planet) publisher, also available on iTunes.

I’ve been recognized as Ambassador for Bufala Mozzarella in the world: I was officially invested by the Director and President of the Consortium for Bufala Mozzarella (Protected Denomination of Origin) in Paris, during a theme dinner held at the restaurant Septime.

I supplied enogastronomic expertise to The Curious Eater.

You can also keep track of the most interesting wine and food events in and around Florence by checking my calendar: I regularly update it.

Golagioconda has published some of my gastronomic reviews; I also write for Luciano Pignataro’s website.

I was involved in the Wine Town project: I organized the opening night for the third and fourth editions, and was also responsible for selecting the street food specialties offered during the fourth edition (2013).

i 100 di Firenze - restaurant guide - EDT lonely planet
i 100 di Firenze – restaurant guide

I’m a pizza enthusiast, so I decided it was time to bring authentic pizza culture to Florence by inviting master pizza chefs to town, such as the famous and award-winning Franco Pepe in January and May 2013, and the famous Neapolitan pizza maker Ciro Salvo, in May 2013.
I was invited to moderate the Kiln: Bread and Pizza. I’ve been in Turin, at the Slow Food Salone del Gusto 2014, for four days heldng the workshops  of  the Kiln: Bread and Pizza with some of the most famous Italian pizzaioli, i.e. Franco Pepe, Ciro Salvo, Stefano Callegari and many others.

I was chosen by Daniel Young as Regional Expert ( Tuscany, Italy) for the first edition of the world guidebook WHERE TO EAT PIZZA, edited by Phaidon: 1706 pizza places in 48 countries around the world.

where to eat pizza - guida mondiale di Phaidon
where to eat pizza – guida mondiale di Phaidon

Already available: you can buy the world pizza guide on and on (published on April 2016).

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